growEcoGrip Grow

EcoGrip Grow is a 100% natural lightweight mineral substrate that provides better growth conditions for plants, including bushes, perennials and summer flowers.

If you want optimal growth conditions for your plants, try this excellent and effective growth product – EcoGrip Grow!

EcoGrip Grow is a mineral substrate based on 3 different natural deposits from volcanic subsoil plus Leca. This top-quality product consists of the following natural substances: Pumice, Leca, lava and zeolite.

EcoGrip Grow retains water, allowing longer intervals between watering. It retains water and nutrients, which are released to the plants as required. The product oxygenates the roots and produces strong growth, while also creating structural stability. EcoGrip Grow is 100% natural.


Instructions for use

  • Remove loose soil from around the root ball
  • Fill the pot with EcoGrip Grow (the root ball must be at least 4 cm above the possible water level for capillary watering)
  • Place the root ball in and fill with substrate around and over the root ball. Shake gently to compress the substrate
  • Saturate the substrate with fertiliser by watering it with water to which fertiliser has been added.
  • RRP for 10 litres, DKK 39.00