decoEcoGrip Deco

EcoGrip Deco is a 100% natural mineral for indoor or outdoor plant decoration. EcoGrip Deco is stylish, simple and effective! It provides a charming appearance and also makes your garden look tidy.

EcoGrip Deco is a volcanic lava mineral ground cover. It keeps the soil fresh, protects against drying out, keeps its shape and is heavy enough not to get blown away.

With EcoGrip Deco, even a shady front garden can be interesting to look at, while at the same time it prevents weeds from sprouting. EcoGrip Deco can also be used in plant pots; the only limit is your imagination.


Instructions for use

  • For ground cover/drainage: Put down a 2-4 cm layer on top of the soil.
  • RRP for 10 litres, DKK 39.00