BinderEcoGrip Binder

EcoGrip Binder is a lightweight granulate that quickly and effectively absorbs and binds oils and chemicals.


Raw material

EcoGrip Binder is a natural silicate from volcanic subsoil.



EcoGrip Binder is ideal for absorbing oil, fuel and chemicals quickly and effectively.



EcoGrip Binder should be scattered manually or poured over the area where the spill has occurred.



  • An environmentally-friendly natural product that is non-toxic to plants, animals and the environment.
  • Binds liquids safely without emitting gas or heat.
  • Non-slip, even when saturated with liquid.
  • Easy to handle and spread.


Instructions for use

EcoGrip Binder should be spread over the spilled liquid in a 3 mm layer. Allow the product to absorb the liquid and sweep up the saturated granulate. Dispose of the saturated granulate in accordance with local regulations for the disposal of polluted waste.


Why use EcoGrip Binder

  • Binds liquid effectively
  • Non-slip
  • 100% natural – environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to use and handle
  • DEKRA Test Certification


Pack sizes

20 litres in bag (absorbs approx. 5.5 litres of liquid)