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EcoGrip Plus – the environmentally-friendly natural product that does not contain salt or cause any damage. It counteracts slippery pavements, driveways, roads, and is economical. This revolutionary product is the only one of its kind on the market – if you are environmentally-friendly and want to achieve an effective footing with thaw effect, then we recommend EcoGrip Plus.


Raw material

EcoGrip Plus is made from naturally expanded silicate and does not impact the environment negatively. It is extracted from one of the upper layers of ash from volcanoes. This is mixed with the CMA (Ice & Dust-away).



EcoGrip Plus is suitable for preventing slippery roads near private households, businesses, institutions and for public areas. It can be used on smaller roads, plazas, paths and pavements.



EcoGrip Plus can be spread manually or mechanically. In contrast to salt-based products, EcoGrip has a low temperature limit. This means that it can be used at temperatures as low as -20° Celsius.



  • EcoGrip Plus works as soon as you spread it and provides instant grip and footing. Thus, the thawing process starts immediately.
  • Economic use, as a bag with 25 litres is enough for a cleared area with snow of approximately 900 m2.
  • Does not damage plant and animal life and the environment – 100% natural!
  • Does not destroy and will not scratch floors or footwear. Does not cause rust on cars.
  • EcoGrip Plus is environmentally friendly, improves plant growth conditions, and dissolves naturally.


Instructions for use

EcoGrip Plus is spread on the required area manually (or by machine) for snow removal. The product provides instant foothold. The product dissolves when it rains and does not clog sewers.


Why use EcoGrip Plus

  • Counteracts icy and slippery pavements and roads
  • Long-lasting thaw effect down to -20° Celsius
  • Environmentally-friendly and non-toxic
  • Completely harmless to plants and animals
  • Does not damage surfaces
  • Does not clog drainage systems
  • No dust
  • Effective and economical in use


Pack sizes

  • 10 litres in practical bag with handle
  • 25-litre sack
  • 80-litre sack
  • By weight


EG_Plus_10ltr EG_Plus_50ltr EG_Plus_80ltr EG_Plus_2000ltr

















Effective, functional and natural

Environmental responsibility and the scarcity of global energy resources prompted the desire to find an optimal, sustainable and energy-efficient product. With this product, which is extracted in central Europe, we are making an active effort to provide a natural product that is only transported a short distance, thus generating the least possible CO2. Once we stumbled on the possibility of using natural resources from volcanoes, the way was clear.



EcoGrip has proven to cover a broad range of applications. The silicate is extracted from an ancient volcano (around 12,500 years old), and new possibilities are found in the numerous different layers. The final products are 100% natural and do not harm the environment.



  • Does not harm animals
  • Is positive for plants
  • Does not ruin groundwater
  • Can be used in and on all surfaces/materials


The EcoGrip range will continue to develop, and new and innovative products that are environmentally-friendly will be added. See further information under Products.


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